Tom Wood
Tom Wood


It's a playground scene
Full of innocent mean
The black and white skins blending in with the green
It's a barnyard rout
In a shroud of doubt
I guess the hens are planning to peck their way out
It's a novel twist
I just can't resist
Maybe you're finally beginning to pick up on my gist

Bothersome burdensome black belt banter
Belted out by the blue brigade
Tethered to the totem of the terrible tailor
Trying to tarnish his timid trade
Picking up proud passions puzzle pieces
Plainly pardoning a part well-played
Finding fault with foul fools freshenin' 
All the fun our forefathers forbade

It's a top-notch class
And I pray to pass
But I lose my motivation when I got no gas
It's a real snowstorm
Far above the norm
And this thin coat of paint ain't gonna keep me warm
It's a piece of crap
Custom-built for a sap
The only thought that intrigues me is a long tall nap

Miracle match lights moonlit madness
Many mistakes left to be made
Sicophants'steamboat sailing southward
Sorrowful footsteps sadly splayed
Gurgling grateful godlike gone
Grassy gliding through the glade
Fluctuating freely from the full-fledged flavor to the fun our forefathers forbade