Tom Wood
Tom Wood


A cute kid wades through t.v. muck while niggers shine his shoes
He doesn't really give a fuck about the daily news
He knows some day they'll find the way from darkness into light
He senses some may have to pay for that which is not right

A young man dons a coat and tie preparing for a lunch
As tears of joy well up in eyes that aim the sucker punch
He sees them in the mirror and he simply has to laugh
The sky gets so much clearer when the dreams are cut in half

Watch him scurry what's his hurry he's a worrywart
First he's fighting then indicting
He's in center court
Now he's juggling stop your struggling don't be a spoilsport
Hot as blazes he amazes lend him your support

A young girl kneels in tribute to a man who must exist
She knows she's got to give a hoot if she's to make the list
It's not hard to appease him she'll just match him word for word
And when she grows up she'll please him helping him round up the herd
A buxom beauty primps and preens while chatting with her ilk
Whose meeting of the minds yields scenes of princes drinking milk
She knows one's prob'ly waiting for her in a golden carriage
And after a little dating he will ask her hand in marriage

As she grew it became do it she's been quite well-taught
As she teaches the long reaches see how hard she fought
She's no present for a peasant she's not easily bought
Needles knitting seam so fitting
She is all we sought

At last the pretty pair converge in perfect harmony
Together they can boldly purge their sea to shining sea
At last we'll all be rid of petty thieves food stamps and pimps
Our action can defeat their words we'll show them we're no wimps
So come on all you happy people join the celebration
Go tie the flag round ev'ry steeple God has blessed this nation
With saviors such as these to urge us onward to our glory
And as our foes knock knees we'll reenact the bible story

No denying it's been trying but we played our part
Victory street can be so sweet let's forget the tart
Life got you treed well all you need is right inside Walmart
Still complaining bout our reigning don't you have a heart